The universities of Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg are all within easy reach of one another. Travel between the sites by public transportation is quick, convenient and comfortable, and the travel costs are reimbursed.

Additionally, the timetable of teaching units was designed to give students sufficient time to travel from one city to another between units.

Connections and train travel times between the 3 cities:

  • Bern–Fribourg: 22 min – half-hourly
  • Bern–Neuchâtel: 34 min – hourly*
  • Fribourg–Neuchâtel: 52 min – hourly*

*More frequent connections exist, but are longer than the times given.

Claiming travel expenses

Travel expenses are reimbursed by the student’s home university (the university at which they are matriculated) and must be claimed at the end of every semester. The deadlines for claiming travel expenses are:

  • Autumn semester: January 31st
  • Spring semester: June 30th

The procedure for claiming travel expenses is the following:

  1. Download and fill in the reimbursement form
  2. Print and sign the form and send it, together with the necessary attachments (see notes below), to the matriculation services of the home university.

Explanatory notes:

  • Each of the Joint Master’s universities at which a student attended teaching units (with the exception of the home university) must be entered in the “guest university” field.
  • Tickets (full and half-fare)
    • a separate table row must be used for each teaching unit attended at a guest university (if the table does not have sufficient rows, a second form must be filled in)
    • all the travel costs for a specific teaching unit must be added together, and the total amount should be written in the “price” field
    • all original tickets must be enclosed

Important: Only half of the price of a 2nd class ticket will be reimbursed.

  • Holders of an SBB half-fare card
    • enclose a copy of the half-fare travel card
    • an amount of CHF 50 per semester will be reimbursed if at least 6 trips have been made
  • Holders of an SBB general abonnement card
    • enclose a copy of your general abonnement card
    • an amount of CHF 120 (UniBe and UniFr) or CHF 50 (UniNe), respectively per semester will be reimbursed if at least 6 trips have been made

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