Finishing the Master

As soon as a student has fulfilled the requirements for the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science:

  • all teaching units have been completed – exact requirements depend on the chosen specialization and/or type of MSc (90 ECTS or 120 ECTS)
  • the master’s thesis has been submitted and accepted

they must complete some administrative steps necessary to receive the master’s degree.

Finishing the master

To finish your master, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the coordinator (see contact) who will check if you really finished everything you need. In addition,
    • if you earned ECTS credits of teaching units that belong to more than one track, you can decide to which track the unit belongs, in the context of your personal program of study,
    • if you earned more than the required 60 ECTS credits in teaching units, you can decide which lectures count in the master studies and which are validated as additional achievements.
  • Once you get the ok from the coordinator, you have to follow the corresponding steps depending on where you are matriculated:
    – Bern: complete the steps “Graduation (of the course of study)“ of the deanship of the Faculty of Science of the University of Bern including paying the exam fees and be sure you receive a receipt for it.
    – Neuchâtel: complete the form “Fin d’études – formulaire de demande de titre” and submit it to the deanship of the Faculty of Science of the University of Neuchâtel.
    – Fribourg: pay the outstanding exam fees to the deanship of the Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg and be sure you receive a receipt for it.


The three universities use a uniform diploma. It consists of the diploma itself and the diploma supplement issued in accordance to European instructions. If applicable, the diploma supplement mentions the specialization.

The diploma ceremony

The diploma ceremony for the Joint Master’s program takes place annually. The student participates in the diploma ceremony at their home university. In order to receive the diploma at the ceremony, all necessary administrative steps must be completed at the student’s home university no later than

  • University of Neuchâtel: September 15th
  • Universities of Bern and Fribourg: December 31st

Further details can be found on the websites of each home university: