Master Thesis


With their master thesis, a student should show at an advanced and high level, their capacities for analysis, synthesis and critical reflexion, written and oral communication skills, and the scientific and technical approaches to the selected topic.

General conditions

  • The master thesis in the Joint Master program is worth 30 ECTS.
  • The work is supervised by a professor or an other authorized person.
  • The work is on a research topic approved by the superviser.
  • The student must submit a written thesis and present it orally. The report must be written according to the defined modalities.
  • The report is generally written in German, French or English.

Selection of a topic

  • The student is responsible for finding the topic of the master thesis (see available topics on the websites of the JMCS research groups).
  • Topics proposed by any person other than a professor must be validated by a professor.
  • The topic generally includes theoretical and practical aspects.

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