Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science

The Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science is a brand new study program offered by the universities of Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg. Based on modern educational concepts and offered across an exciting multi-site campus, this unique program provides students with a wide range of courses at the leading edge of Computer Science research and development.

The Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science is ideal for computer scientists who want to expand their horizons and open doors to future career opportunities.

A unique MSc program

The Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science provides students with an unparalleled variety of subjects, combinations, and opportunities for specialization:

  • a selection of over 60 courses and seminars
  • a truly flexible and modular program
  • a choice of theoretical and practical orientations
  • the freedom to compose a personalized program
  • the possibility to specialize in a particular field
  • the option to extend the MSc with a complementary subject as a minor
  • a unique multilingual and multicultural learning environment

Education offered by Swiss universities is renowned for its excellence and benefits from highly competitive tuition fees. Students in the joint MSc program enjoy one of the largest and most culturally and linguistically diverse academic environments in Switzerland.

The MSc program can be completed in 3 full-time semesters. Courses are mainly taught in English, sometimes also in French or German.

A campus in the heart of Switzerland

The 3 universities of Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg are located in the heart of Switzerland, only a stone’s throw away from the lakes of Geneva and Neuchâtel, a number of UNESCO world heritage sites, and the magnificent Swiss Alps. This beautiful region offers a wide range of summer and winter activities, and is also the meeting point of French and German cultures. Free language courses are provided for students who want to improve their communication skills in English, French, or German.

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