Courses & Timetable

The Joint Master’s program offers over 60 teaching units (courses and seminars) to choose from, giving students a unique degree of flexibility in tailoring a program of study that best suits their interests and career goals.

Current courses

Detailed information about all of the teaching units offered during the current academic year can be found in the course list. A course finder is also available.


The timetable is broken down into 10 half-day time slots distributed over the 5 weekdays. This means that a student can take at most two courses per day, ensuring that they will have enough time to travel between universities if necessary.

Since over 20 courses and numerous seminars are offered each semester, a number of different courses are available in each time slot. However, the timetable has been structured to ensure that there are generally no conflicts between teaching units of the same track and that the courses are evenly distributed over the 2 semesters and the 10 time slots.

Since some seminars tend to require more varied and flexible schedules, they are not included in the general timetable.