T5 – Information Systems and Decision Support

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are pervasive in business, and more generally in society. The Internet, information infrastructures, software-based platforms, sophisticated applications and data warehouses enable new ways of conducting business and running efficient processes. Key skills and knowledge are required for the design, construction, and deployment of information systems on digital platforms, from modeling languages to analytical methods and from design techniques down to service and infrastructure architecting. Leveraging ICT not only requires knowledge of the technical foundations of Computer Science, but also of the building blocks and architectures of information systems, and of methods used in management for application design. New challenges in digital ethics and sustainability have emerged in ICT development and operation, and are becoming ever more important.

This track addresses information systems through a technical and structural approach, decision support methods in applications, and concepts and methodologies for their design and for their implementation in various contexts. Courses include topics such as metamodeling, digitalization and information systems, emerging topics in digitalization, introduction to next-generation information management infrastructures, mathematical modeling techniques, combinatorial optimization methods, simulation and metaheuristics, models in revenue management, design and implementation issues of (fuzzy) system development projects from an ethical perspective, and the design of governance in information infrastructures, in middleware and in information systems.

Involved research groups