User Centered Design

This master course will present User-Centered Design (UCD) process and methodologies. UCD provide methods to put in light the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of an interface at each stage of the design process. Further, UCD provides methods to support and evaluate early designs, low fidelity prototypes and products. In addition to design support and user requirements analysis, the class will present usability engineering methods to evaluate the performance and efficiency of a given user interface, as well as statistical methods to conclude on the significance of the results. All along the class, students will apply the methodologies learned on the design and prototyping of an interactive product.


Code 03018
Type Course
Site Fribourg
Track(s) T0 – General
Semester A2024


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the class, students should be able to:

  • Understand the development life-cycle of user interfaces;
  • Understand the principles of the various kinds of design and evaluation methods;
  • Understand when and how each specific design/evaluation methods can be used;
  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on the whole set of:
    • design and prototyping methods;
    • evaluation methods;
  • Run user evaluations at any step of the usability engineering life-cycle.
Lecturer(s) Florian Egger
Language english
Course Page

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Schedules and Rooms

Period Weekly
Schedule Monday, 14:15 - 17:00
Location UniFR, PER21

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