Seminar Applied Optimization

The seminar on applied optimization covers a wide range of different topics related to numerical optimization algorithms and their implementation. The general theme will change from one year to another and up-to-date information can be found at


Code 31559
Type Seminar
Site Bern
Track(s) T3 – Visual Computing
T6 – Data Science
Semester S2024


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful participation, a student will develop or improve the following skills:

  • Performing literature research
  • Understanding (and sometimes implementing) applied optimization algorithms and their underlying theory
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of competing approaches
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical thinking and scientific discussions
Lecturer(s) David Bommes
Language english
Course Page

The course page in ILIAS can be found at

Schedules and Rooms

Period Weekly
Schedule Thursday, 14:15 - 16:00
Location UniBE, Hauptgebäude H4
Room 106


Evaluation type continuous evaluation

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will take place on Thursday, 22.02.2024 at 14:15 in UniBE, Hauptgebäude H4 , room 106.