Seminar Law and Computer Science

This interdisciplinary seminar is offered jointly by the Institute for Civil Law and the Institute of Computer Science. Students of computer science and law will work closely together on questions that arise from tensions between the progressing digitalization of the world and the existing law. Participants will work in interdisciplinary groups, and each group addresses one specific problem from a legal perspective and from a technical perspective. The goal is to provide assessments and to develop solutions for the problem from both perspectives.

The concrete topic will be decided later; past editions have focused on “Distributed Trust and Blockchain” or on “Distributed Trust in Finance” for example. For more information, see the announcement and this Fact Sheet.



Code 01565
Type Seminar
Site Bern
Track(s) T0 – General
Semester S2024


Learning Outcomes

Students are able to

  • read and critically analyze legal and/or technical background in the area;
  • discuss material in the technical and/or the legal domain;
  • demonstrate how to work in a team and contribute to questions beyond their own discipline;
  • relate to their own scientific work, if applicable;
  • give a scientific presentation, in terms of structure, level of content, and presentation techniques;
  • manage their time during the preparation of their work, when operating in teams or independently.
Lecturer(s) Mirjam Eggen
Christian Cachin
Christian Sillaber
Language english

Schedules and Rooms

Period On Appointment
Location UniBE


Evaluation type continuous evaluation

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will be announced later.