Seminar Human Smart Cities

The idea of this seminar is to give students insights into actual smart city challenges. Thereby, our focus is on human-centered design of new city services, technologies, and business models. At the kick-off session, various projects from and for Swiss network industries (i.e., Post, SBB and Swisscom) will be introduced.

The available topics are: smart living, smart mobility, smart people, smart economy, smart environment, smart government, etc.

For each topic, subtopics are supposed to be developed further by student groups (preferably of two) to get a deeper knowledge in the respective subtopic. In the final presentation, the compiled data, information and knowledge must be shared with the fellow students.


Code 53512
Type Seminar
Site Fribourg
Track(s) T5 – Information Systems and Decision Support
T6 – Data Science
Semester A2022


Learning Outcomes

This seminar offers students the possibility to work on interesting topics in the area of human-centered smart cities; it is open for all students in the BeNeFri cooperation. Thereby, the students will be required to get a deep understanding of the topic of their choice, present their proposals at the mid-term (i.e., 20% of the grade) and final presentations (i.e., 30% of the grade) and write a final paper (i.e., 50% of the grade). The students will be split into groups of two students each group; however, individual projects are also possible. Each group (or likewise single student) will receive a clear assignment, which is feasible within the semester time.

Lecturer(s) Edy Portmann
Language english
Course Page

The course page in ILIAS can be found at

Schedules and Rooms

Period On Appointment
Location UniFR, PER21


Evaluation type continuous evaluation

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will take place on Friday, 23.09.2022 at 10:15 in UniFR, PER21, room F130.