Seminar Advanced Algorithms

This seminar studies various algorithms that are too advanced to be covered in a Data Structure and Algorithms lecture on the Bachelor level. We will put emphasis on proving correctness and complexity results.


Code 41862
Type Seminar
Site Bern
Track(s) T4 – Logic
Semester A2021


Learning Outcomes

Students are able to

  • read and critically analyze scientific publications in the area of algorithms;
  • discuss technical material in this domain;
  • give a scientific presentation, in terms of structure, level of content, and presentation techniques;
  • manage their time during the preparation of their work, when operating in teams or independently.
Lecturer(s) Thomas Studer
Language english
Course Page

The course page in ILIAS can be found at

Schedules and Rooms

Period Weekly
Schedule Tuesday, 09:15 - 12:00
Location UniBE, ExWi
Room B077


Evaluation type continuous evaluation

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will take place on Tuesday, 28.09.2021 at 09:15 in UniBE, ExWi, room B077.

This teaching unit will be held in class, i.e. face to face.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge in theoretical computer science and algorithms. Several topics require a bit of algebra and some other topics require knowledge of complexity theory.

In the first lecture, on September 28, we will assign the seminar topics to the students. Therefore, students should already have a look at the possible topics and the corresponding material before the first lecture in order to be able to make an informed choice. A list of topics and the reading material is available on the Ilias course webpage.

Students will present their topic in an oral presentation (approx. 30 minutes) as well as in a written paper (10-15 pages). The language of the seminar is English.