Natural Language Processing

Introduction to Perl and XML; Introduction to linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics); simple statistical approaches (KWIC, concordances); Spelling detection and correction; Statistical models (counting words, bigrams, entropy); Parsing; Markov chains; Hidden Markov chains; Text categorization, sentiment analysis, authorship attribution; Cryptography; Question/Answering; Text summarization.
The final mark is based on both a final written exam and the results of the practical exercises.


Code 32010
Type Course
Site Neuchâtel
Track(s) T3 – Advanced Information Processing
Semester A2019


Learning Outcomes

The main objective of this course is to introduce the students to the underlying problems when facing with natural languages data.
This course was the following objectives:

  1. to understand the problems related to representation and manipulation of text data;
  2. to understand the statistical properties underlying in all text data;
  3. to understand the main approaches in NLP;

Practical exercises will complete the theoretical presentation.

Lecturer(s) Jacques Savoy
Language english
Course Page

The course page in ILIAS can be found at

Schedules and Rooms

Period Weekly
Schedule Wednesday, 08:45 - 12:00
Location UniNE, Unimail
Room B104


Evaluation type written exam

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will take place on Wednesday, 18.09.2019 at 08:45 in UniNE, Unimail, room B104.