Modal Logic

Modal logic originated in the domain of Philosophy, but during the past decades became a vibrant area with fundamental applications in computer science, AI, mathematics, epistemology, etc. This course offers a systematic exposition of fundamentals of modal logic and its applications.


Code 41080
Type Course
Site Bern
Track(s) T4 – Logic
Semester A2019


Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to understand the concepts of logical language, models, deduction and decidability, apply these concepts to a variety of modal logics and related systems, learn a wide variety of applications of modal logics in computer science, AI, mathematics and epistemology, become prepared to conduct research in modal logics and their applications.

Lecturer(s) Thomas Studer
Language english
Course Page

The course page in ILIAS can be found at

Schedules and Rooms

Period Weekly
Schedule Tuesday, 09:15 - 12:00
Location UniBE, ExWi
Room B077


Evaluation type written exam

Additional information


First Lecture
The first lecture will take place on Tuesday, 17.09.2019 at 09:15 in UniBE, ExWi, room B077.