Exam Registration for the Autumn Semester 2017

12. Jan 2018

The registration for exams for this autumn semester 2017 have to be done between December 4th, 2017 and January 12th, 2018, except for the following three courses between December 4th, 2017 and December 13th, 2017:

  • 11043 Internet of Things (Torsten Braun)
  • 21005 Concurrency: State Models and Design Patterns (Oscar Nierstrasz, Mohammad Ghafari)
  • 41095/61095 Description Logic (Thomas Studer)

Exam rules

Please read the exam rules carefully. A short summary is provided as following:

  • The exam rules apply to all students who follow a teaching unit of the “Joint Master of Science in Computer Science” program of the Universities of Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg.
  • For each teaching unit, the students have to register for the exam before the registration deadline.
  • The registration for exams must be done in Academia according to the procedure described in the appendix of the exam rules.

Exam dates

You can find the exam dates for this autumn semester 2017 here. Note that the exact time for oral exams are dependent on the number of registered students and will therefore be announced later.