Part-time Research Assistant

28. Jun 2019

We are looking for a part-time research assistant for 6 months at the Institute of Computer Science in Bern, to analyze existing datasets related to human neuroscience i.e. time-series data of electroencephalography (EEG) recordings. The goal is to build pipelines of signal processing and machine learning techniques for analyzing EEG data, which will then be assembled as an openly available resource through MyBinder and Jupyter Book.

This project is ideal for a master student looking for a flexible part-time job for the next 6 months (July - December or to discuss), with a salary corresponding to 30% employment. It can be also combined with a master thesis.

Desired skills:

  • Python programming skills
  • Experience with signal processing and analysis of time-series data
  • Interest in open science & code sharing

If interested, please contact athina [dot] tzovaraatinf [dot] unibe [dot] ch.